A Good Way To Give Back

A Good Way To Give Back

          Many people tell me that they would love to be able to donate to any number of organizations, especially local organizations that will help the families in need that are in our area, but during these tough economic times struggle to find enough to meet their own needs, let alone extra to spare.

          What if I told you that it is possible to donate to Humboldt Advocates of Victims of Abuse- Tri-County Court Appointed Special Advocates (Humboldt AVA-CASA), a local non-profit organization that helps with the prevention, education and the advocacy against relationship abuse, sexual violence, bullying, child abuse and neglect? What if I told you this was possible, not only during the holiday season but all year long?

          It is possible, thanks to Goodsearch.com. Goodsearch, was founded in November of 2005, by brothers Ken and JJ Ramberg. Goodsearch is a toolbar that is powered by yahoo that donates 50% of its revenue to the charity of the searchers choice, that means every time you search for something you can donate a penny and it costs you nothing! When you download the Goodsearch toolbar, you will be asked to designate an organization, as of September 2013 there were more than 107,000 non-profits participating.  If you search Advocates for Victims of Abuse Humboldt AVA, all proceeds will help local people. If you think that a penny won't make a difference, imagine how many times a day you search anything on the internet, every penny adds up and every penny can mean the world to someone. Once you designate the organization you will be able to view how much has been earned.

          Goodsearch has added an additional way to donate by creating Goodshop. Goodshop, is an online shopping mall that provides an easy way to not only help your favorite organization but also to help yourself. Goodshop was launched by Goodsearch in September of 2007 and is now affiliated with more than 2800 online retailers such as, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Expedia, Old Navy, Sears and many, many more. By shopping these retailers on Goodshop, you will find discounts and coupons that will allow you to save money while helping your cause to earn money. Each retailer offers different percentages of your total purchase price that get donated, up to 30%! We all shop online these days and shop many of these retailers, by just shopping, continuing to do what you already do, only adding Goodshop, you can earn a lot for our organization, without spending anything more than what you planned.

          The more supporters of these applications that we can get, the more that we can raise, without ever having to spend anything extra. If 100 people that spend $500 annually shopping online were to add Goodshop and designate Advocates of Victims of Abuse (Humboldt AVA) as the non-profit of choice, our organization could earn $1500.00 per year! Can you imagine all that we could do and all the people that we could help with $1500.00? That amount goes up with each person that uses Goodsearch or Goodshop. Each of us can make a difference.

          AVA-CASA is an all-volunteer community 501(c)(3) charity, we depend on the generosity of local businesses and community members to keep this program open. We collaborate with community agencies to prevent and assist all that are affected by abuse or neglect. We provide on-call advocacy for relationship abuse and sexual assault support services, with trained advocates in crisis intervention and sexual assault support services.  Additionally, we are full members of the National Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) organization, which provides an advocate for children in the court system to ensure the best interests of the child is protected.  For more information, please visit our website at www.humboldtava.com or www.casaforchildren.org