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Snow, Rain & Heat: Extreme Weather & Domestic Violence

  The mission of AVA is to empower those victimized by abuse and/or violence through Advocacy and crisis intervention and to raise awareness in the community about the cause, impact, and prevention of relationship abuse, sexual violence, bullying and child abuse and neglect.   Snow, Rain & Heat: Extreme Weather & Domestic Violence Loretta Grieve, LSW for Humboldt AVA Christmas carols, we all have our favorites; I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas , and Baby It’s Cold Outside are two very popular songs. Folks want to snuggle with their mugs of cocoa and watch the snowfall. This past December in Humboldt County and in several areas of Nevada we got our wish for snowfall and a white Christmas. Few people realize that extreme weather is also linked to domestic violence which makes this a timely topic to discuss. Statistics and studies show that the rates of domestic violence increase during adverse weather, including cold snaps, severe storms, and even simple rainstor

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