January 2024 Nevada Foster Parent Pre-Service Training- Sign up Now!


The next DCFS Foster Parent Pre-Service Training is scheduled to begin on January 20th and will be held on four consecutive Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm. The training is live and on Microsoft Teams. This training is for prospective family foster homes. Relative and fictive kin homes are trained through a contract with Foster Kinship Navigators. Homes that wish only to adopt should be referred to adoption resources.


In order to sign up for the January Pre-Service training, a prospective foster parent should create an account on www.ruralnvfostercare.com.  If the applicant has any questions, they can contact Foster Care Recruiter Shelby Riley at shelby.riley@dcfs.nv.gov.


The  trainings offered have have upped the number of pre-service trainings from two a year to four a year. Future trainings are planned for the spring and summer.