AVA teams up with Together We Rise! to help foster children in Winnemucca and Battle Mountain, NV!

Help Our Local Foster Children!

Please help us help the foster children in Humboldt and Lander Counties! Now through June 30, 2016- ALL donations are tax-deductible and 100% goes to children in need in our area! 

Did you know over 700 youths go through the Child Welfare System and foster care system in rural Nevada every year? Advocates for Victims of Abuse is collaborating with DCFS to provide a new program, the Family Advocacy Program, in Humboldt and Lander Counties. This program goes to provide a trained advocate for all youths in the Child Welfare System located in these counties. Whether the child is placed in a foster home, a kinship home, or with their biological families, AVA volunteers are there to help with supervised visitations, in-home services, and in community services (including but no limited to: parenting classes, supervised visitation, budgeting, homemaker workshop and classes, recovery issues), to ensure a child's best interests and safety is a priority.
As part of the Family Advocacy Program, AVA works to assist foster, kinship and biological families that bring the youths and children into their homes and lives. Too often, children and youths who leave the only home they have ever had with their belongings in only a trashbag. Not only is the expereince of leaving their homes traumatic, but the fact of carrying their belongings around kin only a trash bag can also carry with them more traumatic connotations that further affect their mental well being.
This outreach fundraiser is to provide a "Sweet Case" for every youth that goes through our Child Welfare System to ensure No More Trash Bag Kids (see : http://www.humboldtava.com/2015/…/no-more-trashbag-kids.htmland http://www.humboldtava.com/…/no-more-trash-bags-kids-part-2…) Cases are duffel bags filled with essentials and more for each youth: A stuffed animal, a blanket, a book, necessities such as toiletries, and other comforting items the individual can keep with them for the rest of their lives.
We are asking busininess and individuals to please help us meet of minimum goal of at least 20 cases for Humboldt and Lander Counties. Each case is only $25 each and the cost is tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. 100% of these donations go to the Sweet Cases and 100% of the Sweet Cases go to a child/youth in need. The cases will be handed out on an as-needed bases as DCFS and foster and kindship families request them.
Offered with any Sweet Case sponsorship, we would love to give you the free publicity and thanks you deserve! If you prefer to remain anonymous, we respect that as well. To donate, anyone may contact us at: email: humboldtava@sbcglobal,.net , phone: 775-722-4564 or 775-304-1243 or mail P.O. Box 1338 Winnemucca, NV 89446 or visit our website atwww.humboldtava.com and we have an easy access link to PayPal to make donations even easier, If you prefer donations go to either Humboldt or Lander County, we also respect the donors preference and will use it so, just please remember to remark how you would like your donation used so we can earmark it for that area/program.
This event will be on-going through June 30, 2016. Please consider donating to such a wonderful cause and share with your friends, families, and local businesses! Our children can never have too much help! Help us make a difference in a child's life- and our community!


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