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Foster Care Awareness Month- Fundraiser Extended for the Cause!

Did you know May is Foster Care Awareness Month? We love and appreciate our foster families! It's why we are always accepting donations of any items: clothing, bath, bedding, kitchenware, BABY WIPES AND DIAPERS (always needed!), and pretty... much anything. If our foster families do not currently need it, often our AVA clients will (survivors of crime and trauma: sexual violence, domestic and relationship violence, stalking and harrassment, bullying).
This year, we want to show our foster families how much we appreciate them opening their hearts and homes to provide a loving and supportive environment for children who would otherwise have no home.
These children often go through trauma and need a family and love to heal.
How can you help? Our Scentsy fundraiser has been extended through the month of May! Funds raised will help to provide direct service, but also to honor and show our appreciation for our community's wonderful foster families! Plus---you get some amazing items for your purchases! Candles, lotions, sunscreen, laundry supplies and more! Give a little and get a lot back (including good karma! )
To order, you can contact us, or Cindy Grimmett at Electic Electric Beach, Sharon Krupicka,  Superstar Sentsy Independent Consultant! Or simply go to her website and click on our party link at: All orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States!
If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact
Lori Nichols at A Child's Journey Home,  for more information. 

Please help us help others !  All donations are tax-deductible!

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